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Priory View Pre School

The Curiosity Approach

Welcome to the journey

We are passionate about Early Years, inspiring our little ones to be the thinkers & doers’ of the future. We have embarked on an incredible new approach which inspires children through curiosity, awe and wonder.

Through this approach, children learn through the use of authentic resources, recycled materials and loose parts. We are looking to create amazing play spaces for children, where they have the opportunity to become inquisitive capable learners.

The Curiosity Approach is a wondrous ethos that focuses on Curiosity, Awe, and Wonder in Early Childhood.

Through the use of authentic resources, loose parts and an approach that provides wondrous learning opportunities for your incredible little learners The Curiosity Approach is an ethos/approach which focuses on and celebrating magical moments in early years, providing passion, and the invitations to learning, which will promote Curiosity, Imagination, and Awe & Wonder for children.

What is it about?

  • Curiosity, Awe and Wonder,-providing wondrous opportunities to learning and development.
  • Passionate motivated educators, who are curious adults too. Dedicated to inspiring our incredible little learners.
  • Beautiful play spaces, which offer endless opportunities to learning and development.
  • The introduction of authentic materials, and loose parts, which teach children howto think and not what to think!
  • Calm, tranquil environment allowing children time and space to learn.
  • Creating the thinkers and doers of the future. preparing children for life.


I am really excited that as a provision we have achieved Accreditation in all these things and now to be an Ambassador for 'The Curiosity Approach to Early Years!

Find out more

To find out more you can visit The Curiosity Approach website.

There is also a introduction magazine available to parents and carers.